Thursday, April 28, 2011

In which Minty models bag lady chic...

I finally finished the 'hopscotch skirt'.  It's made with blue homespun cotton and big orange buttons from Tessuti.  This has to be my least favourite of the Oliver+S patterns so far.  The buttons I chose are too big for the front placket so I had to make the top button 'false' (just permanently sewn through the two layers without a button hole) because a large enough button hole wasn't going to fit.  It's a bit too long on Minty at the moment and I think it makes her look a little like she belongs to some kind of fundamentalist Christian cult (not really the look I was aiming for).

She borrowed my scarf for these photos and asked me, 'does it make me look like a lady?'… honestly perhaps a bag lady??

Here's hoping my next sewing project is more successful.

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  1. I actually think it's quite cute. I love the pocket detail and you would never know about the buttons. Maybe try it again in Spring if you are after knee length.

  2. the skirt is PERFECT and i think the scarf is really quite fetching, as well.