Wednesday, October 12, 2011

In which we get a bit of retail therapy...

All the extra work that comes with building a new house is beginning to take it's toll.  I'm tired and cranky and fantasising about taking caffeine intravenously.  I was supposed to take the kids to playgroup this morning but after realising we were going to be hideously late, and with both kids acting as though I was trying to strap explosive devices to their feet rather than simply put on their shoes, I decided we would take a day off.  Honestly I think spending two hours cooped up in a room with 20 or so other kids, when my own kids were already driving me to distraction, was going to make me homicidal.  Instead we got ready at a leisurely pace and I took the kids to lunch and to hang out at the playground.  

Then we all did a spot of thrift shopping.  Op-shopping is about the only kind of shopping I enjoy with the kids nowadays.  Unlike with most shops, kids aren't treated as pariahs and most of the elderly volunteers are actually pleased to see them.  The kids can happily play in the toy section without fear of breaking something (since most of the toys are very well loved already) and I can potter about looking at vintage sheets and doilies.  Everyone is happy!

We got some great loot today and all for a total of under $10.  First up is a fantastic little alphabet puzzle - each letter matches up with a picture beginning with that letter and on the back of the pieces are the upper and lower case letters.  

This cash register was a steal at $2.  It has a fully functioning calculator, beeps when you press the scanning button, has a scale on the top to weigh produce and of course a pop open money drawer.  It's a bit more 'plastic fantastic' than I would usually go for but Turi loves it!

We also got this alphabet pop up book.  It's pretty fragile and probably won't last long with Turi's snatching fingers but for $1 it doesn't really matter. Last but not least, I bought an embroidery hoop (not pictured) for a little kid's project I have planned for later in the week… stay tuned!

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  1. i went op shopping SOLO on Tuesday morning. it was lovely!! (but I'm pleased I usually have 4 kids with me, because it saves me a lot of money!!)

    can't wait to see what the hoop is for~~