Sunday, October 23, 2011

Catch up...

Sorry for the disappearance (yet again) this week.  My internet is on the fritz and only works intermittently.  Hopefully these technical difficulties will be sorted out soon but until then here is a bit of a catch up on the week that was...

-Most of the stumps have been poured for the new house and the first bearers are laid out.  This is super exciting since now I can balance in the new multi-purpose room (office/ study /sewing room) and see a glimpse of the ocean!

-I chopped all my hair off (when I say all I really mean about 8 inches).  I now have a shaggy bob which initially I loved.  It felt freeing and like a stand for feminism.  That is until the Mr. said I looked like his mum.  No offence intended toward the mother-in-law who is a stylish lady, but I really was not intending to age myself 25 years with my hair cut.

-I have given up sugar for 6 weeks.  I was struggling in the grip of an intense sugar addiction.  I tend to binge on sugary treats when I am stressed out and my diet was beginning to look more like a square than a pyramid.  So far it has been 7 days sugar free.  I was hoping I would feel dramatically different - full of energy and a verve for life.  Instead I have felt ridiculously tired by 3pm and have started having to have an afternoon coffee.  Things better improve in week two or I'm going to crack and eat a bowl of ice-cream and a snickers.

-The photos in this post are of a little activity I did with the kids.  We used the (thrifted) embroidery hoops, some hessian, wool scraps and some big plastic sewing needles I picked up at zart (the most amazing shop for art and craft supplies) and the kids did a spot of primitive embroidery.  Minty really didn't have the patience for this activity, since we were visiting her friend Aerin's house at the time (did I mention Aerin has a trampoline, and a cubby house with a swing and slide? …Minty was kind of busy)  Aerin on the other hand was thoroughly absorbed and had a great time.  This definitely requires constant parental involvement (rethreading needles etc) so isn't the kind of thing you would give little kids to do independently but was pretty fun just the same.

This activity was inspired by Janelle over at Heart Felt - I can't find the exact post (honestly I hunted for it for ages so if anyone knows the link could they message me so I can include it?).  Worth popping over to have a read of her blog if you haven't already, it's always inspiring!

This is Minty's effort - her embroidery hoop was a bit too big for the hessian which did make things a bit more difficult and may have contributed to her lack of enthusiasm.


  1. I remember doing hessian embroidery at Brownies when I was really young. I loved it. We were even taught a few different stitches. So much fun.

  2. Oh wow wonderful ~ such a great job too. Love it. Here's the link.