Wednesday, January 11, 2012

In which there are visions of Jesus and Candy Spelling...

Ever since Minty received this cook book for Christmas she has been asking me to help her make pea soup.  While I was excited by her healthy choice, I was also feeling a little baffled.  I mean honestly, what self respecting three-year-old wants to make pea soup??  It turns out Minty thought she could see a smiley face in olive oil drizzled on top of the soup in the cookbook photograph!  She was like a fanatical christian who had seen a vision of Jesus in her burnt toast.  So rather than quash her delusion, I used it to my advantage and we made the soup for dinner tonight.  The fact that the kids cooked and willingly finished a bowl of pea soup was more of a miraculous transformative event than any holy apparition in some charred baked goods.  The kids may as well have been speaking in tongues!

And now just a little disclaimer of sorts. There have been a number of comments about how 'huge' the new house looks.  I thought it prudent to mention that I've been shooting the house with a 17-40mm wide angle lens - which is kind of like looking at the house through one of those fat inducing fun house mirrors (you know objects may be closer than they appear and all that jazz).  Just thought I should mention this in case I invite you over at some point in the future and you are expecting to arrive at something akin to Candy Spelling's mansion, with 27 bathrooms and a gift wrapping room and you are disappointed when all you find is a regular sized house.  Ok glad we cleared that up.


  1. ...I hope you snuck a smiley face into her bowl, to help with the enthusiasm? Or did she not need it? :-)

  2. Did Candy Spelling (who is Candy Spelling?) get her gift wrapping room idea from Martha or are you referring to Martha's not Candy's. I didn't realise anyone other than Martha would devote a space to such an enterprise. I love pea soup made with fresh (frozen) peas rather than the dried ones. And I wonder what Minty will cook next?

  3. Manu - I did attempt a smiley drizzle but it is actually pretty hard to achieve!!
    'Granny'- Candy Spelling was the late Aaron Spelling's wife (I assume you know who Aaron Spelling was - worked on such quality television as 90210, melrose place, 7th Heaven, Dynasty, The Mod Squad etc. etc) and yes Candy did have a gift wrapping room! She was forced to sell the mansion a couple of years ago but you can take a look inside here