Sunday, January 29, 2012


Ok today is very exciting because… wait for it… I've got, not one, but two giveaways for you!  But before we get to that...

Aren't these just the most amazing cakes you've ever seen?  They're made by my very good friend Jennifer who runs a little custom order bakery in Lawton OK.  I've known Jennifer since our first year of high school when we used to sit together in class scrawling little pictures to each other and coming up with little stories to go with them.  Amazingly, despite drifting apart at various times over the years as our lives took different paths, and now living on complete opposite sides of the world, I'd still count her as one of my closest friends.  She's an amazing artist and she has an incredible talent for translating this across into edible form!  Anyway gush, gush (could I be anymore of a groupie!?!)  You can check out Sugar+Butter on Facebook or at Jennifer's blog It's Wonderful Here.

The point of this story was that I spotted a particularly attractive measuring jug on her blog (see the pic above), happened to mention in passing how lovely I thought it was and Jennifer (generous soul that she is) sent one out to me.  But Phillip Island appears to be a bit of a Bemuda Triangle when it comes to postal services and the package got lost.  In the end the kitchenware place sent out a second one, only to have the first one turn up a few weeks later with the package opened and resealed with a big 'customs' sticker (because presumably measuring jugs look suspiciously like drugs or bomb making equipment).  So now I have two beautiful measuring jugs, and I'm giving one of them to one of you lucky readers.

Here is Minty modelling the measuring jug.  She likes to be involved!

Today's second giveaway, is a book I bought when Minty was a toddler and I was going through a bit of a Steiner phase.  It's called  'Creative Play for your baby' and it's full of all sorts of toys you can make for babies (ages 3 months to two years).  Since both my children have now outgrown it, I thought I'd move it on to a new home where it might get some love again.

To enter today's giveaway, simply leave a comment telling me which of these you would like to win (jug or book) and I'll use a random number generator to pick a winner.  Entries close on Friday 3rd Feb.


  1. What an awesome jug. We're in a bit of a Bermuda triangle up here on the hill too & we get 2 different posties from different sectors! Weird.
    I love the look of the book. Pop my name down for that please.
    Hope you're enjoying the coolish change tonight, I sure am.

  2. Love the pics of Minty modelling the giveaways !
    I'd adore the jug please. :-)
    and thanks for your congrats too. tis quite unusual to what im used to when i open up his nappy ! Haha

  3. Ooh, ooh- one vote for jug please! :-)

    Lovely modelling job by Minty there- you could put her in Target catalogues. ;-)

  4. I'd love the book! It would come in so handy as a reference for my new job in childcare! :)

    Beautiful modeling by Minty! Such a sweetie.

  5. Both look great but I'd love the book - lots of ideas for gifts for little people and I am always short on those!! They are truly amazing cakes too!! (I am very impressed that you can get Mint to cooperate with modelling sessions - they are beautiful photos).

  6. I would definitely vote for the jug! So cute and I am definitely going to be in need of some new kitchen supplies when I move into my new apartment in a few months :)

  7. How thoughtful to share the juggy love! Jug, jug, jug, jug!

  8. Can I put in an entry for Minty? Come and visit us in the new house soon cutie pie! :D

  9. Thank you for the very sweet post Susan. Good luck everyone!!

    Hi Minty! I can't wait to meet you and Turi with Ethan. I'm definitely looking forward to taking photos of the three of you playing :)

  10. Omg I love that jug. Pls pls pls. Mel d

  11. Whenever I read Your Post Allways got Something New
    Measuring Jugs