Sunday, January 8, 2012

House Update

Progress on the house inevitably ground to halt over the Christmas period but I still have a few little developments to share.  The house has been wrapped and the windows are all glazed, barring the large hand-crafted window in the kids bathroom for which we picked up the glass yesterday.  It's really starting to feel like a liveable space, and I am getting impatient to move in.  Sadly since there is still no toilet or hot water I think it will probably be a few months!

We spent the day hanging out at the house yesterday.  We strung up a hammock in the lounge room and have been having a great time lazing around in it.  Minty's bedroom has been turned into a makeshift kitchen, complete with BBQ, microwave, fridge, kettle, toaster and even a george foreman grill, so we can fairly comfortably whip up a meal!

The large dining room windows and our sliding doors to the as yet non-existent deck are finally in.  All these windows are tinted, as the dining room catches the western sun.  I have to say I was rather nervous about whether I was going to like the tint but now that they're in I love them!  It is really pleasant sitting in the dining room even in the afternoon, and the clerestory windows bring in more than enough light to make up for any lost by the tint.  The cows that live in the next paddock don't seem to be able to see us anymore and amble right up to the dining windows.  It's magical!

Left: Minty's room aka the site kitchen!  Right: the living room.  Note these windows all still have the blue protective film on them so the rooms look a little dark.

Looking from the entry towards the dining room - just to give you a sense of how tiny Turi looks compared to the roof height!

Turi has been feeling a bit trapped by the new doors!

Testing out wood finishes for our bathroom window frame.

More of the hammock… 


  1. The view from the dining room windows is beautiful: I can't wait to visit one day and have a cup of tea while we watch the cowes!
    I spotted my toaster etc. and feel chuffed that I've contributed to the build (in a minuscule way).

  2. I love the hammock and the view is lovely. Looking forward to tea and the cows too!

  3. Oh I'm so jealous! It is going to be so amazing when you finally get to move in and I can't wait to see what it all looks like then! :)

  4. Looks amazing - and so huge!