Tuesday, January 3, 2012

In which there is pasta and a pool party...

Yesterday Minty made tagliatelle with her Grandi.  I have to confess, I don't really have the patience for making pasta from scratch with small children as helpers, especially not in 37 degree heat!!  Minty found the recipe in her new cookbook and was desperately enthusiastic to try it, so I was glad someone was up for the challenge so I didn't have to say no!  This isn't the first time they've made pasta together and it really is lovely to watch them calmly feeding the pasta through the machine together.  I'm really grateful she'll have these memories to take with her into her adult cooking life.  Even little Turi had a go!

It really was a scorchingly hot day, as witnessed by this posse of five little kookaburras who came to have a pool party in the bird bath!


  1. Lil would have loved the beautiful little kookas (she laughs when I try to copy their call) and we all would have loved the delicious home made pasta - go kids! :)

  2. Minty looks real pro in the kitchen! Brett looks so proud in the background :) Love the kookaburras!!!