Tuesday, October 12, 2010

why I hate daylight savings....

Conversation at bedtime...

Me: It's time to brush teeth and put your PJs on

Minty: But the sun hasn't gone to bed

Me: Well in the summertime the sun stays up later and so it isn't always dark when we have to go to bed

Minty: But it isn't summer it's spring

Touche Minty, touche.

Monday, October 11, 2010

conversation on the way to an MRI...

Completely unrelated picture of little Turi enjoying his cheesy toast

Me: I'm not looking forward to my trip into the tunnel of death

Mr.: just think, it will probably be a bit like sky diving

Me: you mean I'll pay vast amounts of money to face my own mortality?

Mr.: well there's that… and it will probably sound the same.


FYI it doesn't sound like you're sky diving. It sounds a lot more like you are a small bug caught in the middle of a dot matrix printer. And they tell you to 'try not to swallow'… for 30 minutes. My mouth was a pool of saliva and all I could think was 'don't swallow…don't swallow… try not to think about swallowing it will only make you want to swallow more… I wonder how often I normally swallow… don't think about swallowing' - you get the idea.

Anyway, still no idea what was/is actually wrong with me. My left hand mysteriously stopped working, accompanied by pins and needles that have lasted a month and varying amounts of pain in my hand, arm and neck. My hand is basically working again now so I'm just getting on with things while my doctor's surgery holds my test results hostage (don't even ask lest I go into a long rant).

I've got a stack of pictures and things to share with you from the past month so stay tuned...