Monday, June 18, 2012

Farewell old house!

We've finally moved into the new house!  The blog name is officially inaccurate, as we no longer live in Cowes!

Turi was awake most of last night, on high alert like a frightened animal.  He jumped at every little sound (the wind, the rain on the roof, a creak of the floor) and his eyes would pop open to assess the danger.  He spent much of the night climbing from his bed to lie on the floor, his ear pressed to the chip board and his wide eyes staring under the bed.  From what I could glean from his murmurings, he was checking for snakes, spiders and ants.  When the sun finally came up he said to me sadly, 'I want to go home mum'.  When I informed him this would be his home now, he said in a small, distressed voice, 'but I remember my room'.

I know how he feels.  Although I always hated our old house, with its 70s faux timber lined internal walls, and grungy brown carpet, so many of my stories are set inside its four walls.  The Mr proposed to me there, it is the place I brought the babies home from hospital, fell in love with them and learnt all about their funny personalities.  There is a big old, christmas tree that grows on the front lawn and every year we would decorate it… ok that's not entirely accurate… every year until some drunk, bogan, holiday makers trashed it and I didn't feel able to do it again.  I guess I'm just feeling sentimental now because it's the end of an era.

Minty on the other hand has taken to the new house like an infatuated, love-struck teen.  She was so excited to be in her new room and refused to leave the house this morning to go to kinder.  She wasn't even interested in coming back to the old house to get the last of her things.  I hope some of her enthusiasm rubs off on Turi soon!

These are some photos I took of the old house before we packed.  I haven't taken any at the new house yet - it is still a bit chaotic!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

House update...

Would you believe we still haven't moved in?  We all have the flu so we've had to postpone things a little, while we huddle in bed with hot water bottles and boxes of tissues.  The house is virtually ready.  I just need to vacuum out the kids' rooms and slap some paint on the chipboard (we haven't chosen our carpet yet).  Here are a few photos of the progress…

Some of the kitchen cabinets are in.  That is a temporary bench top and sink.  There is still no splash back, kicker, taps or island bench but it is basically functional in a 'glamping' sort of way.
The fridge is in situ, complete with fabric alphabet magnets!  Priorities people!  Eventually there will be a narrow bookshelf next to the fridge for my cook books.
The lounge room, with a vaguely clean floor but still no furniture.
looking back towards the dining room, still filled with temporary furniture (and mess!)
The kids enjoying their first bath in the new tub!  We ended up leaving the tub 'shabby', partially out of laziness but also because I kind of like it that way.  We used garden taps here which I think are very cute!  Also check out the natural stone floor.  I love how this has turned out , and did I mention it was cheap?  The walls still need another coat or two of paint but I'll get there eventually!  I can't wait to put the wall garden in outside to give this window a bit of a view!
And just in case you were beginning to feel like this bathroom was almost finished here is a look in the other direction!!  The vanity is still a shell with a temporary top.  That basin isn't going to end up in this bathroom and will probably be used in our ensuite.  We still don't have lights so we have to rig up work lights when we are using a room.  I'm pretty sure this mirror will stay here but I am toying with the notion of spraying it a different colour.
Hope you're all keeping well.  I'll try not to be away so long before my next post.