Sunday, September 5, 2010

Happy Dad's Day!

choc mint cupcakes Minty helped me bake for her daddy

I hope everyone had a fantastic father's day. I didn't get a chance to visit my dad today so I just thought I'd send him a little love here...

What can I say about dad? He is the kind of dad who is equally a master in the laundry as in the shed. As a father of four girls he didn't scrimp on the fun stuff that's sometimes reserved for sons, taking us on countless camping trips, into caves, down mines and to visit power plants. He is always behind the camera capturing our lives on film and while I sometimes resent this at the time, it has sparked my love of photography and is a great source of inspiration. Nowadays dad makes a fantastic grandpa. Whenever I come to visit he keeps the kids entertained for hours to give me a much needed break.

I couldn't ask for a better dad. xx

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