Friday, September 10, 2010


If someone were to make a doll of me right now, it would come with pre ratted hair, two interchangeable outfits (pyjamas and a tracksuit) and when the belly was squeezed it would rotate between shouting the phrases 'what part of no don't you understand!', 'don't touch that!', and 'no, no, no, NO, NOOOO!'

A combination of a debilitating cold and a husband away on business meant that the family had spiralled into a level of sleep deprivation I wasn't even aware was possible. Minty and I were averaging around 3 hours of fitful sleep a night achieved only as Minty, fighting it every step of the way, succumbed to complete exhaustion at around 4am each night. But the wild horse has been broken. Last night Minty slept all night in her own bed, and for the first time in months she has had an afternoon nap today (albeit with the aid of some cold medication!). I am fully aware that we may go back to the horror of sleeplessness again tomorrow but I am basking in the peace and quiet today.

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