Sunday, September 12, 2010

A week in the kitchen...

It's been another busy week in our kitchen. On Monday night we had just finished dinner and I was about to settle down and write what was sure to be a riveting post when we received a text message. It was the veggie box people wondering why we hadn't come to pick up our box (…um because we didn't order one!?). Apparently there was an epic miscommunication due to an ambiguous text message to which there was no reply. So part of me was all 'hooray we got our veggie box', and the other part of me was all 'holy hell I just went shopping today and I just bought a whole swag of substandard veg, what on earth am I going to do with it all???' So we were drowning in a sea of produce. And you know how waste completely horrifies me. I literally had nightmares about throwing spoiled food away.

So this week I channelled my inner nut storing squirrel… I've been cooking and freezing vast amounts of fruit and veggie puree. In my opinion there really isn't such a thing as an over stocked freezer. While Turi pretty much eats family food now there are few things, like salad and spicy food, that he doesn't manage too well so it is nice to be able to stir some pureed veg through the portion of the meal he can eat to up the vegetable content.

The biggest hit of the week was probably the lime and honey banana chips - Minty loved them. The week also saw my mortar and pestle come out of hibernation (I confess I had been using it to store my onions) to make spice pastes for the gobi masala. If anyone wants more info or a recipe for any of these just shoot me an email or a comment.

And in case anyone was wondering, the tape and paper graphics in my collage come from

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  1. ooohh i would love the recipe for cauliflower curry!