Monday, September 20, 2010

Another week in the kitchen...

Eggplant and tomato hippie pizza, apple crumble, Ina Garten's sesame sugar snap peas, creamy spinach and parsnips, apple and oat mini muffins, broccoli pasta

Obviously I cooked a whole lot of other stuff as well but sometimes I'm just too hungry to bother taking a photo of our food before we eat it.

I've blogged about the pizza in the past but seriously peeps I can't recommend this recipe highly enough. I like to make a a simple tomato sauce from Bill Granger's Feed Me Now! to use on the bases. Aside from the pizza, my cooking highlight for the week was the broccoli pasta (recipe from The Silver Spoon) - it was lick the bowl good.

Turi loved the parsnips and the muffins best. Minty didn't like anything because she is two and given her own way would live on diet of milk and bread. Although she did enjoy licking the sesame seeds off the sugar snap peas (she then proceeded to feed all the peas to Turi).

Leave a comment or shoot me an email if you'd like any of the recipes I haven't linked.

In other non kitchen related news Turi has decided the best way to get back to the ground after standing up is to do the splits. Unfortunately a few times today I happened upon his sad little figure stuck in the splits sobbing quietly to himself unable to stand back up or return to a crawling position. I think we're all hoping coordination kicks in soon!


  1. Broccoli Pasta recipe please.

    Favourite Uncle

  2. Broccoli pasta for me too :) Poor little man - sounds so clever really though!

  3. Turi is so funny! I laughed out loud!

    You are a cooking legend... wish I lived next door so you could teach me and I could eat Minty's rejected servings! :)