Wednesday, March 17, 2010

in which Turi rolls over and we make hippie's pizza

Turi rolled over. It probably would have happened earlier but he hasn't had much 'tummy time'. For the childless among you tummy time purportedly strengthens the baby's muscles but from my observation it basically just freaks the baby out so much that they roll over out of shear terror. It's a little like watching a turtle on its back.

Here are some out takes of 'tummy time' last week...

We made pizza tonight from this recipe. I really love this dough. It's got a bit more substance to it without being uber scary in-your-face wholemeal. Whenever I make pizza Minty gets a glint in her eye and tries desperately to scrounge some raw dough. As I was making this her little hand kept reaching over the top of the bench as she dragged various pieces of furniture over to try and get close enough (it really reminded me of dumbo's trunk reaching for his mother). When dinner was actually served she thought the pizza was poo. Typical.

Sorry no photos of the pizza. I took a few but they were U.G.L.Y. I need to work on my dough photography.


  1. I'm a little concerned about the time this was posted....

  2. How the tummy time pics. Oscar is rolling too, he is getting cross with himself because he can't reach things he wants. Next thing before you know they will be crawling! xx

  3. Such a clever baby and who can blame the Mint for needing to get into some dough shaping? I am also concerned about the time of posting!

  4. Have to add that I so love the Dumbo lullaby - almost as much as 'Lullaby in Ragtime'.

  5. That song makes me want to cry every time I hear it though!