Monday, March 1, 2010

A room for Turi

I've been thinking Turi needs a little place to call his own. He's growing up so fast and getting past the stage where he can sleep in the corner of a noisy room without being upset. At the moment his cot is in our bedroom and more often than not he ends up sleeping in the 'big bed' during the night. He snuggles his warm little body into my tummy were he spent so many months growing and nuzzles his face to my chest when he wants a midnight snack. While I'm enjoying these cuddles it isn't particularly conducive to a good nights sleep for me. We have a spare room that's currently our dressing (junk) room which I think it's time to convert into Turi's nursery.

So I've been spending some time googling for inspiration. I must say I was about to write a post about all the hideous cliche boy's nurseries I found including pictures and scathing comments but then I stumbled across this site and I did a 180 and decided to show you some really cool nurseries instead. I just have to say if you are expecting a baby or planning any kid's room redecorating you really have to spend some time scrolling through - so many fun ideas.

I really loved this one (found here)... just a pop of red from the mushroom.
I'm also loving the cute patchwork and random dinosaurs here.

Oh... and I almost wet myself from excitement when I found this - don't you just LOVE the lanterns on the roof???

Also in my travels I found this orange and blue nursery (here) - I'm not sure that I really want to go down the orange path but I thought I'd share it with you anyway...

I found a lot of other little bits and pieces of inspiration along the way but I'll save them for another day...

And I'll end with a little brother sister love.


  1. Someone needs a pair of drumsticks.,%20Phil%20No%20Jacket.jpg

  2. Natalie & Ross politely request a copy of the brother sister love photo. :)

  3. I love the white room with the 'pop' of colour in the mushroom. One of Martha's guests showed how to make a toadstool seat