Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I don't want to finger paint: Part One

We're all agreed. Finger painting rocks. Certain people in the family would say it's better than chocolate, better than a trip to the beach, even better than watching Mary Poppins. Others in the family would say it's better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick. Whatever, it's all good. But let's face it there are some days when finger painting isn't an option. We don't have time, we've just had a bath or (as was the case today) we've used up all the finger paint. So today we embark on the first part of our journey... art activities for terrible twos that do not involve finger paint.

Today's activity was collage. I know this isn't exactly an amazingly original project but if you're anything like me, sometimes you get stuck in a rut and can't remember these seemingly obvious ideas. For this project you will need clear contact, a bunch of scrap paper (preferably a mix of textures, colours etc.), and some sparkles (sequins, stars and the like). Basically just cut a piece of contact paper and let your terrible two go wild sticking everything onto it. Then when you're finished sandwich it all together with a second piece of contact. Hey presto, art activity with no messy clean up.

The artist at work.

Stay tuned for more obvious art projects in the coming weeks.

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