Monday, March 22, 2010

Super Party: the wrap up

The wait is over! I can finally reveal the super costumes. I just know you've all been on the edges of your seats ;)

Turi's costume:

Turi's cape clips onto the shoulders of his onesie with press studs. I should tell you I planned this to avoid the cape becoming a strangling hazard but the truth is I grossly underestimated the size of turi's head and forgot the babies don't really have a neck. When I went to try the cape on Turi after he woke up from his sleep I realised I had made a cape that would fit his teddy bear. This is why you should measure your child before you start sewing. Sometimes I get lazy and skip this step. Invariably I regret it.

I made Turi's super-bloomers by using a pair of his pants as a template. I added a little width into the side seems because the fabric isn't stretch. Then I put some elastic into the legs and tada - bloomers. I hope that made sense.

I bought a plain onesie at the supermarket for about $2 (in a three pack). I then used a freezer paper stencil and black fabric paint to write 'ZAP!'. If you want instructions on how to do this, just google 'freezer paper stencil' and you'll find a tutorial. Freezer paper is a bit hard to come by here in Australia. A friend of mine sent me some from the US.

Minty's costume:

Minty's top was also $2 at the market and again used freezer paper to stencil 'KAPOW!' onto it. I was going to make her some bloomers but ran out of time/motivation so she just wore her PJ bottoms over a pair of stockings. Minty chose the colours for her cape (I didn't intentionally gender stereotype!!!)

The Cake:

Clearly an uber amount of food colouring was used to make these lurid colours but they sure do look cute!! Note you need to use food colouring paste, not the liquid drops you get at the supermarket if you want to get colours this bright.

The birthday boy's costume: I made this cape for him for Christmas a couple of years ago. Nice to see it's still getting a work out!

Party Games: The kiddies made superhero masks and played pin the star on the superhero.

A very happy fifth birthday to my nephew and thanks to my sister Rachel for organising such a fun party!


  1. Sensational costumes, Susan!! I'm SUPER impressed. =)

  2. Me too, love Minty's choice - very retro.