Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Aa is for...

I'm starting a little project making some alphabet flashcards for the kiddies. Originally I was going to buy some but then I figured it would be more fun and probably more helpful as a learning tool if I photographed things from around our house. I want the objects to actually sound like the letters - eg. 's is for sock' rather than 's is for shell'. I also want to keep all the objects a similar size as I think it will be more aesthetically pleasing when they are laid side by side.

Only trouble is I am stuck on a few of the letters. I would be really grateful for suggestions for the letters i, q, u and x. Eeek - do any child-friendly words other than xylophone and x-ray actually start with an x?

In other news Minty has an admirer at play group. It is very sweet actually. He spends his time alternating between giving her random hugs and stealing her toys. His mum told me he was asking about her during the week. Minty is blissfully unaware of the attention. She really does seem to have an infinite capacity to amuse me!


  1. i for icecream!
    q for queen?
    u for umbrella
    x - well xylophone seems like the easiest option if you have one handy

    not very imaginative suggestions though :)

  2. What a great idea, Jen has already said my ideas.....Good luck! xx

  3. You say x-ray like it's a bad thing...

  4. Iron, quill and ute are my best efforts.

    A household object that starts with x...

  5. Wasn't one of Mint's toys named Xavier? ;)

  6. Ii is for icy-pole, ice-cube & icing
    Qq is for quilt, quaver & quoll
    Uu is for undies (toilet training encouragement)
    Xx has to be for xylophone (unless you want to go genetic and then it's X-chromosome, Xist....)