Thursday, March 11, 2010

lego mania

“Rock, paper, scissors, shoot!”
…and then Stan realized the futility of their silly game.

I've just spent the last few hours online searching for a birthday present for my nephew who is turning five. Apparently lego is the ultimate gift among the five year old set. I had no idea how many different types of lego there are to choose from... my brain hurts. I'm a bad aunty, I got bored choosing a gift and started looking at crazy lego projects on the web (as you do).

The picture above comes from an awesome blog called 'a lego a day'. You have to check it out. This dude basically just took a picture of a lego man every day for an entire year (and you thought I had too much spare time!). Lots of laughs to be had...

“Oh calm down, it’s just a snake.”

In more lego mania, a lego tabletop... I want to make one!

And in case that wasn't enough lego for one night... here is a tutorial to make lego soap. Madness, no?

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