Monday, March 29, 2010

infiltrating the man cave

Minty loves nothing more than to spend time in the shed watching her dad work on the car. He has rigged up a baby swing so she can have a good view of what is going on.

At bedtime tonight Minty had a little cry because she wanted to spend some more time 'building a car'.

My dear husband wandered past while I was uploading these photos and was upset that I had photographed the 'most boring part of the engine' and his 'most boring tools'. I wasn't really aware that some parts of the engine were 'exciting', I was just shooting for contextual purposes. Sorry to anyone else who is also disappointed.

1 comment:

  1. She sure does love it. The other day, when you were visiting Melbourne, Minty and I were inside and Al and Brett had gone to the shed - Car stuff. It took me a while to understand that Minty wouldn't speak to me until I put her shoes on and took her to her swing in the shed to watch the deep, meaningful discussions about engine stuff. Smiles all round, except of course on my face as I agree, I don't really understand the attraction.