Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Life can be tough in a double pram...

Let me preface this post by saying I had three hours sleep last night so everyone was feeling a little wretched. And by 'everyone' I mean that I was bone crunchingly tired and everyone else suffered the consequences.

I love these pictures because they really sum up the reality of life raising two little people.

When I first got the camera out I was intending to take a few pretty pictures of the pram liner I made for Minty in situ. Instead, within the first moments of me getting out the camera Turi was screaming his little lungs out, and Minty climbed onto the pram liner in her muddy boots.

If you look closely you can see mud patches on the seat.

Here's hoping for some more sleep tonight.


  1. Good luck! Hope you're asleep... :)
    Don't forget your friendly local-ish babysitters!

  2. I feel for you....hope sleep has been better since. xx