Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Conversations with Minty...

Minty: it's ok if I just borrow some chocolate
Me: well it's not really borrowing if you eat it is it?  because you're not going to give it back
Minty: well… I just gave it to my stomach so that's ok.

Minty: I want a toilet drink
Me: what's a toilet drink
Minty: it's banana and ginger and a crazy kind of milk… whiz it together and it makes a crazy kind of milkshake
Me: where have you heard of a toilet drink?
Minty: they have it in California

Excerpts From the Dictionary of Minty
spectacliar = spectacular
bone = bow
nuggets = maggots
brain = any kind of hairstyle other than a ponytail in which the hair is tied up - derived from the root word braid.

All pictures are from my niece's first birthday party this weekend.  Happy Birthday baby Lilly!