Thursday, November 24, 2011

In which the kids eat an overpriced sandwich...

Turi just loves to cook pretend food.  He often seeks me out around the house, little saucepan in hand and announces, 'dinner time!', with a big grin.  He isn't satisfied until you pretend to eat the contents of his pan and he has offered you a pretend cup of tea.  With this in mind I decided to make him some pretend food for his birthday.

I bought some felt food patterns from here ages ago and never got around to using them… until now.  Honestly hand sewing is not my strong suit.  I'm not very fast and I spend the whole time making mental calculations… if I'm one eighth of the way through making this felt tomato and it has taken me 15 minutes so far, if I were to charge an hourly rate of $20 for my labour, this must be the worlds most expensive sandwich! … When I'm not making pointless calculations I can usually be caught with my arm outstretched gazing at my handiwork to see if it looks ok.  Procrastination is my special skill.  I had intended to make quite a bit more food (maybe some cakes and sushi) but I got a bit worn out after the sandwich!

Also just wanted to recommend this etsy seller if you're looking for lovely felt that isn't too expensive.  I've bought from them a few times and have always been very happy.

The darling little apron in these last two photos was sewn by one of my friends as a gift for Turi's birthday.  I think it makes him look like a tiny sushi chef!  Thanks Lien!

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  1. I'm in the middle of my 3rd year of felt decorations from Alicia Paulson - if you're on a roll - have a look, they're gorgeous!