Wednesday, November 9, 2011

house update

These first two pictures were taken out at the Rescue Centre in Wonthaggi.  We took the girls there to see a production of Pinocchio put on by a local theatre group.  It really is a gorgeous location, amid sprawling fields of grass and old ramshackle farm buildings.  I'm itching to head out there again for one of the upcoming twilight markets, with the express purpose of taking some more photos.  I didn't really feel like I could make the kids hang around while I got my photography fix since it was right on lunch time!

And now for a house update… we have a floor!  It makes a great stage for twirling!  The wall frames have been delivered but with the threat of tonight's storms looming we had to tuck them all to bed under tarpaulins instead of erecting them.  

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  1. Phew, how WAS that storm last night??!! Our power cut off at 630pm with a massive lightning strike and it wasn't back on til 18 HOURS later... I was pretty bored... haha.
    Am enjoying the house progress photos... hope all is well xo