Wednesday, March 28, 2012

In which Minty receives a marriage proposal and we pick apples...

Today was Minty's last day of kinder for the term.  The kids all dressed up as rabbits and sang 'hot cross buns'.  Then one of the kinder assistants posed as the easter bunny and gave out eggs.  It was all very gorgeous.  

Apparently one of the kinder boys asked Minty to marry him 'but', according to Minty, 'I didn't want to mum'.  She is happy to just be 'best friends' for now.

In case you were wondering about the letters on Minty's bunny ears, Minty currently writes her name as 'AMN' since Araminta turns out to be the world's hardest name to spell.  I'm beginning to think I should have named her 'Jo' to give her a confidence boost in her early writing attempts!!  Let's hope the struggle is character building!

Meanwhile, Turi and I went foraging for wild apples with friends.  Here are some of our spoils.  


  1. What a funny girl.
    The apples look great. We're enjoying some red delicious from a grower in Archies Creek at the moment. There's a few trees groaning to be picked near us. I must stop and get some.