Thursday, March 22, 2012

In which Turi has ants in his pants...

Ok so I made this really yummy zucchini tart for dinner last night and followed it up with little raspberry filled pastries and homemade vanilla bean ice-cream.  I took a bunch of pretty pictures and was going to write a lovely post about it today.  But then the Mr. wiped the flash card before I got a chance to download the photos and then took my camera for a photography job.  So no food post tonight.  Instead, a totally random picture from the archives to fill the void and I'll tell you about a little incident that happened this afternoon.

The kids were playing happily together in the garden.  Minty came with a cheery face to inform me that 'Turi has found an ants' nest'.  Despite Minty's enthusiasm, my alarm bells went off and I rushed to investigate.  There was Turi sitting amongst the bushes behind the washing line in the centre of a bullants' nest.  He was covered in ants unaware of the danger he was in.  These were seriously big ants - each at least an inch long.  And then the screaming started.  The kind of screaming that kids reserve for serious pain and terror.  I scooped him up and carried him kicking and screaming to the other side of the lawn.  I tried to get the ants off as quickly as a could but they were inside his clothes and shoes and as I tried to brush them off they started running frenziedly and biting.  Thankfully he escaped the incident with only five bites but if you've ever been bitten by a bullant you'll know they are seriously painful.  The poor little soul was pretty traumatised and spent the rest of the afternoon clinging to me for comfort.  I think both the kids now have a newfound respect for insects and I'm fairly certain no one is going to try and play with an ant hill again.


  1. Ouch! Those ants are nasty too. Their bites last a while.
    Poor little thing.
    The dinner sounds delicious.

  2. Oh, that's horrible- I remember it happening to a kid in primary school once- he sat on a bull ant nest, unawares...poor kid had bright red legs with welts. Never seen a kid scream like that.
    I hope this doesn't put the kids off nature for long!

  3. Scary stuff: sounds like you did a good job in quickly brushing the ants off, it could have been a lot worse! I remember when jb got 1 bite and was in agony: I can't imagine what 5 at once must be like: the poor little guy.

  4. Was I the only one who had flashes of My Girl? Glad he escaped with *only* a few bites. Hope that you had some extra tarts to feed him to make up for it!