Thursday, March 29, 2012

House update...

Time for another house update.  Most of these are external shots.  I think because the plaster isn't up yet all the internal photos end up looking like a sea of stud walls and it is hard to explain what things are.  The plaster should be going in very soon so I'll take a lot more shots then.

The garage roof is up!  It has been interesting to see how this addition affects the light in the adjacent windows.  It is still surprisingly bright in these rooms.  Note the Mr.'s 'beast' in the garage.
Tiny children in front of super tall front door.  The corten has weathered to a gorgeous deep rust colour.
The view from behind the garage looking at the clerestory windows.
The backyard where the deck will eventually be built.  The solar panels are finally on the roof.
The downpipes are in (they will be painted black).
Ceiling batons are up in preparation for the plaster.  You can now get a better idea of the dropped ceiling in the dining room.
And perhaps the biggest development - we have running water and a functioning toilet!  This is the laundry.  That ugly blue bench is temporary!
View from the loft space looking back down at the kitchen/dining area.  Hello - can you spot me in the laundry!?
Up in the loft space.  That space age silver pipe is for our evaporative air conditioning.
Another look at the corten.

Here are our massive water heaters.  These will run our hydronic heating system.  We picked them up at a bargain price, second hand from a hotel.


  1. This looks amazing! I especially love the loft space. :)

  2. Your house looks AMAZING! Cannot wait for more developments!!

  3. The corten looks great! Wasn't sure to begin with, but you've convinced me. :-)

    Love the Loft space! Will this be a storage area, or an open area for the kids to play in? :-)

    1. the loft will probably just be storage space to begin with but when the kids a little bit older (more responsible!!) I'm hoping to turn it into a reading nook/chill out space!

  4. ...that will make you the coolest parents. Also, will increase the chances of the kids 'accidentally' dropping things onto passersby...

    Loving the idea of water-powered heating- sounds like it would be cheaper than regular?