Thursday, November 4, 2010

Best present ever...

Two of our friends, who both happen to be talented artists, recently gave Minty the most amazing present. A calico bag filled with all kinds of goodness - two simple wooden dolls, a hand sewn calico doll, pipe cleaners, beads, buttons, ribbons, felt, fabric scraps, goggly eyes, pompoms and sticky velcro circles. Minty has had so much fun this week dressing the dolls in fanciful costumes. We've just been using a combination of velcro, sticky tape and ribbon or pipe-cleaner ties to secure everything to the dolls so that when she's finished we can take everything off and start again. Whenever she has a free moment Minty asks me to do more 'heart work' (the mispronunciation of art somehow seems more apt so I can't bring myself to correct her).

I think Minty better watch out because I have my eye on some of the fabric for some patch-working projects!

Thanks Andrew and Carly!

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  1. That's v cool :) Looks like hours of fun