Friday, November 26, 2010

I *heart* liberty...

Love can be a dangerous thing… especially for one's wallet. I got a little carried away at Patchwork on Central Park yesterday. Normally buying fabric is such a fun, positive experience but yesterday I came away feeling a bit like an alcoholic after a pub crawl. The shop was filled with snooty ladies contemplating purchasing fabric at $80 a meter and hand sewn blouses for $395. I was there with a very specific mission (to purchase binding for Minty's quilt) but when I reached the counter there was a $20 credit card minimum. I needed to spend an extra $5 and somehow that $5 kinda, sorta, maybe multiplied into a 'tiny' bit more *ahem*. So now I have spent the past 24 hours justifying my fabric extravagance in my mind. These liberty prints will certainly be treasured and every last millimetre will be used for something.

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