Saturday, November 20, 2010

Sneak peak at my desk...

Moulin Rouge meets Christmas...

a little crown for a certain special almost one-year-old...

and finally my current headache... Honestly I have somehow made a seemingly simple project into a bunting nightmare - add a bit of tomato sauce to my screams and we could make a horror movie!


  1. Very crafty! And much more interesting than a sneak peak at my desk that would reveal job applications, my resume, books on writing CVs and various related items!

  2. Very crafty indeed and most interesting. However please re-read the first November post: "in which I drop off the side of the earth and Minty learns to swear", lest all this extra activity on top of the already full time job of caring for your two beautiful babies and their special Dad, lands you back in the abyss beneath the earth!!!