Monday, November 22, 2010

One - an open letter to the birthday boy

Dear Turi,

One today! Your first year has both flown and crept by.

Let me tell you a little about Turi at age one...

You love to climb and are often aided and abetted in your exploits by your big sister. You've scaled the back of the couch by gripping onto a towel that was hanging over the back like a tiny mountaineer, you climb the play table so you can peek up onto the kitchen bench and you've learnt to scale the baby gate by gripping the bars with your toes. You are very determined and crawl or edge around the room at high speed with a definite sense of purpose. When I tell you 'no' you flash me a cheeky grin and nod defiantly.

It is very hard to say no to you. You chase me around the house trying to get a cuddle and weep inconsolably if I walk by without picking you up.

You are very sociable. You always have a winning smile for visitors or people we meet out and about, and if they're extra lucky you might even give them a wave and a little 'hi' or 'hello'. Sometimes you get a little shy afterwards and have to hide in my shoulder.

You're trying really hard to talk and your list of words is slowly growing. Recent phrases include, 'yum yum milk', 'what's that?' and 'Oscar cat!'. When we go for our walk in the morning, just the two of us, while your sister sleeps, you spend the time pointing everything out to me, laughing and babbling away mostly in your own little language. Every now and then you'll reach back so you can hold my hand. I know when you're old and fighting for you're independence from me I'll look back and treasure this golden age together when things were simple and uncomplicated.

Happy Birthday little bear! You will always be my little angel, even if sometimes only god can see your wings!

Love mum xoxo