Friday, November 5, 2010

Captain Obvious and Mr Malodorous rule the world

Just in case anyone in the house might be suffering from a case of early onset alzheimers Minty broadcasts regular public service announcements at the top of her lungs. For the most part these are purely factual, such as 'this is the lounge!', 'this is my brother!', 'I am Araminta!', 'this is my lunch!', but occasionally she injects them with a little subjectivity: 'I am a very cool dancer', 'I'm very sweet really', and my personal favourite, 'I am a big girl, and Turi is a little girl'.

Sadly I don't think Turi will remain a 'little girl' for much longer. He is what Oprah would term an 'emotional eater'. Due to my newfound prescription drug habit I had to wean Turi, a choice neither of us wanted to make. He now spends his entire day attempting to procure snacks and can often be found staring longingly into the kitchen. He eats if he's bored, he eats if he's sad, he eats if he's tired. If he sees someone else eating it sends him into a frenzy. Unfortunately this insatiable appetite has lead to some healthy bowel action… hence his new nickname.

"mum, stop telling everyone about my bowels!"


  1. How do you ever say no to those longing eyes? Let him eat! Babies look good round anyway :) I look at his photos and I want to squish his chubby cheeks.

  2. Those two little kids of yours are unbelievably gorgeous! Araminta sounds hilarious, don't you just love those conversations? And that expression of Turi's...he is utterly angelic.