Wednesday, November 17, 2010

In which we eat asparagus and contemplate dressing as a maniac...

I'm blogging over here today if you're interested in checking out an asparagus tart recipe (sorry once again to all the dieters out there as this isn't exactly low fat).

I'm pretty swamped getting ready for Turi's birthday/Christmas/upcoming weddings so this is going to have to be a short post (sneak peak of crafty projects tomorrow).

Please enjoy yet another conversation with Minty (I know we've had a lot of these lately but she has been particularly amusing)...

as part of a larger conversation about all the things that would be happening around christmas….

me: ...and we might go to church with granny and grandpa and maybe you could dress up as an angel

minty: yeah or a witch

me: I'm not sure that a witch is really appropriate. Maybe you could dress up as a shepherd with a sheep

minty: or a parkilan [pelican]

me: um I'm not really sure that a parkilan is part of the Christmas story. How about dressing up as Mary?

minty: or the postman!

me: well the postman isn't really in the Christmas story either. How about a donkey?

minty: yeah that would be good…. or I could dress up as a maniac!

Not exactly sure if that would require a costume Minty. Sorry mum but I have clearly raised a heathen.


  1. Good work Minnie....Genius

  2. Heathen perhaps but clearly a very creative one who is very good at making a story relate to life experience (not sure how many maniacs feature in her world though - I hope that's not based on her experience of family gatherings. I guess there are more postmen than shepherds and parkilans are easier to spot than angels on P.I.
    The photo is v. precious.