Sunday, February 27, 2011

In which 'tomorrow' finally arrives...

I really should know by now that if I promise to post something 'tomorrow' something is almost guaranteed to prevent it happening.  After my last post both the kids came down with a nasty virus - fever, loss of appetite, runny nose, cough and a complete inability to sleep unless splayed in some kind of uncomfortable 'cuddle' in the 'big bed'.  I haven't slept in three days now because the kids have been taking it in turns needing to be tended to in one shape or another.  And now to top it off Turi has developed some very nasty looking hives all over his body and started vomiting.  So basically my house is like some kind of leper colony… good times.

But as promised here are some finished sewing projects…

A beanbag for Minty - made with Heather Ross Far Far Away II.  I made the outer cover with a zip so I can remove it and wash it as needed.  All seams are reinforced because I really don't want to be finding little beans all over my house.  I have plans to make one for Turi and maybe another to sell (if I ever get around to it).

An ooshka for Minty.  I won a couple of face panels and the pattern in a giveaway from Lisa before Christmas and have finally gotten around to making one (because you know how efficient I am).  Turi has fallen in love with it, but thankfully Minty doesn't seem to mind sharing.

And a few better pics of the puppet show shorts I talked about in my last post.  I think I'll be making a few more pairs of these.


  1. I really like those shorts - kinda want an adult sized pair, but would probably look a bit silly... :)

  2. the shorts are perfect and the beanbag RULES!! had grand plans to make a beanbag for mae last year but got sidetracked by other projects, might have to put it back on the list...