Wednesday, February 23, 2011

In which we go foraging and Minty wears cute shorts...

An amazing day spent with friends foraging along the back country roads near where we live.  We picked more apples than I really know what to do with and some particularly delicious little yellow plums.  Then we picnicked overlooking the rolling hills to one side and the ocean to the other. 

Minty is wearing some shorts I made for her birthday.  I used some fabric that a friend was throwing away so they were virtually free, aside from the cost of thread and elastic.  The pattern is the Oliver + S puppet show shorts.  It's out of print now but there are still a couple of copies around if you are willing to hunt.  I'll share some better pictures of them tomorrow along with some other finished sewing projects.  If you're a new reader you can check out details of her top here.


  1. Gah, she is so cute. The shorts are great - you are so good at sewing... hoping to sew stuff like that too but first up, must sew clothes for myself. We have those little yellow plums in our backyard and if I give one to my 1 yr old, she eats the whole thing, pip and all.
    Did you make Minty's hat? I love it. My toddler's head is getting too big for hers :)

  2. How amazing that you can find such lovely apples growing wild -yet another reason to covet island life.

  3. What beautiful pics! And what a beautiful day :)