Tuesday, February 22, 2011

In which we are given a frightening window into the teen years...

I took heaps of pictures at play group today, some of which are super cute.  But sadly I can't share them with you here for privacy reasons.  You know, some parents might be worried that if I post their kids photos on the internet they might be kidnapped and dragged into a child pornography ring or something.  So instead I'll just share the back of some heads.  This is Minty's current boyfriend.  When they aren't chasing each other with toy lawn mowers, they spend their time cuddling and giving each other kisses.  Really too cute.

Meanwhile Turi is having a bit of a tough time at playgroup.  He has become a bit of a target for some bigger boys who enjoy pushing him over.  It's a sad lesson to have to learn at age one that not everyone out there is your friend.  I'm not really sure what to do about it since the other mums are really doing their best to teach their kids it's wrong, and the boys are really too young to be doing it maliciously.

I'll leave you with a little conversation I had with Minty today…

Minty [sternly]: This is your last chance.  If you're not going to get me another biscuit I'm going to go to Aerin's house.  I want you to get me one- that's you're choices.


  1. Get me a name and address for the boyfriend and the bullies. I shall rain down upon them with great vengeance and furious anger etc. etc....

  2. Turi looks happy just playing with the sand - who needs anything else? These are two beautiful kids.

  3. Great negotiating skills Minty!