Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Lazy afternoon...

After a busy morning of ballet, followed by playgroup, we decided to spend the afternoon relaxing at the beach.  The kids built sandcastles and chased each other while I lay around watching the boats bobbing in the bay and made sure no one ate any seaweed or threw sand in anyone else's eyes.  When it came round to dinner time I honestly couldn't be fagged cooking so we walked into town and had fish and chips on the pier.  A pretty perfect day if you ask me.  And now I'm off to do a spot of last minute sewing for the impending birthday - time is running out!


  1. Wow Minty seems to be growing up so fast... Every picture you post she looks so different! Love your work Susan and keep it coming - Katya

  2. Ahh - it sounds so relaxing - wish I was there instead of chained to the computer writing my grant application :(

  3. What a lovely way to spend a Summer afternoon - just the way childhood ought to be for everyone really!