Tuesday, December 8, 2015

In which I attempt to plan a Christmas menu and sound vaguely passive aggressive...

Christmas is really quite strange when you think about it.  On any other day of the year, if I asked you around for cocktails, fancy salads and a range of homemade ice creams you'd probably be stoked.  But when I suggest that as a Christmas menu I am met with an uncomfortable pregnant silence that you might expect had I proposed that we kill the neighbour's cat and spit roast it for lunch.  If you are one of my family members reading this and you're heading to mine for Christmas, relax and breathe.  I'm totes going to cook a dead bird… or maybe glaze a pig leg and stud it with cloves (I've always thought they look rather pretty even though I don't actually like ham very much).  And there will be a pudding.  I've accepted that I am alone in wanting to radicalise Christmas, so I'll resist the urge to serve you up guacamole and a christmas taco!  But just be warned that I'm not an experienced roaster of meat so be kind if you arrive to find me wearing the turkey on my head like Mr. Bean.  Oh and there will be plenty of homemade ice-cream because… ice-cream. Enough said.

We went berry picking with friends this weekend.  No prizes for guessing what went into my first batch of ice-cream!

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