Saturday, April 17, 2010

black bananas and chalk

Writing sometimes feels like pulling teeth. I used to be able to comfortably trot out 500 words in an hour with time for a cup of tea break and a suitable helping of procrastination. I'm certainly out of practise. I'm still working on some architecture write ups. Tonight I've been trying to write about a house which is apparently a modern interpretation of a Welsh manor house. It would probably help if I knew something about Welsh manor houses... um yeah so it's going well.

I'll stop boring you all with my whinging and share a few pictures from yesterday that I didn't get a chance to post.

Chalk is currently the finger painting alternative of choice...

And in other random musings...

If cakes were celebrities (bear with me here, I promise I'm going somewhere) the black forest cake would be Angelina Jolie, the carrot Miranda Otto, the sponge Scarlett Johanson. And the banana loaf cake is more of a Rachel Griffiths. We won't call her ugly, she's not, but she isn't exactly likely to make it on a list of the world's most beautiful people. A character actress, sometimes unadorned in order to make her more 'believable'. Let's face it, a bad hair cut and sweat pants/ a loaf pan and simple cream cheese frosting can make even the best of us appear dowdy. She could certainly be tarted up with a sprinkling of walnuts, it's a shame nuts are a choking hazard for the two-year-old set.

And so here she is... my dowdy banana cake. The result of some overripe bananas and a bored two year old in need of an activity.


  1. You should watch the movie 'Motherhood' with Uma Thurman. She is a stay at home mum of two - a girl and a boy, and she writes a mum blog, actually its kind of your life in a New York version! She also struggles with writers block...

  2. Dowdy is okay. Banana cake will do me any time and walnuts spoil the rich sweetness of the cream cheese frosting! Personally I am a fan of Rachel Griffiths and if I never saw Angelina Jolie again that would be okay too. Who is Miranda Otto?