Monday, April 26, 2010

Inferno (not the disco kind)...

Photo (taken by Uncle Ross) from the archives... just some inspiration to remind me why I'm bothering to redecorate

I am convinced that one of the nine circles of hell is reserved for people with bad taste. There, sinners are forced to spend all eternity stripping ugly wallpaper. I've spent the weekend in my own personal hades, attempting to remove the revolting floral wallpaper from my spare room. The previous owners seemed to have some malevolent desire to impose their aesthetic on subsequent owners. Whoever put the wallpaper up used glue as though it was going out of fashion and even went to the extent of wallpapering the cornice. As awful and gruelling as it's been, there is something cathartic about unveiling the blank canvas below. There is still a lot of work to be done but at least all the wallpaper is off now.

In other news, we have taken the side off Minty's cot. Tonight is her first night 'loose' in the house. I've lost count of the number of times I've taken her back to bed. So far she has requested: fruit, baked beans, bread, a drink, the toilet, daddy, a story and lego. I have been cast in the role of 'bad cop', daddy of course is starring as 'good cop'. Touch wood... it finally seems as though she might have fallen asleep, two hours after bed time.

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  1. Only two hours, not bad at all. It's the rule of parenthood, mum mean, dad a pushover. Hang in there and tell my son he should take a turn at bad cop. Second thought, don't bother as you will probably end up with completely unruly children, Minty certainly has the upper hand in that relationship, and your stint as bad cop will end up being even more gruelling. Lucky they, and he, have you...