Saturday, April 3, 2010

emergency easter crafting

I was going to give Minty some chocolate eggs for easter but I've had to do a last minute rethink. We went to the in-laws today and Minty ate so much chocolate that she threw up when we got home (let that be a lesson for all of us). So I've been doing some hasty crafting tonight so that she can have a non-chocolate gift from easter bunny tomorrow.

This little guy is a bunny finger puppet adapted from this tutorial on purlbee. By 'adapted' I mean I swapped the pompom tail for some cotton wool because I didn't have any white yarn on hand. Also I left off the whiskers because I think he looks cuter without them.

I also made Minty a headband with bunny ears... hopefully I'll be able to take some pictures for you tomorrow.

Hope you all have a happy easter tomorrow.


  1. Such a cute bunny. I love Purlbee and you are very clever and resourceful. I feel put to shame - must Easter craft next year.

  2. Also - Minty was the cutest little bunny in her ears at the Easter picnic.

  3. One of the in-lawsApril 6, 2010 at 4:51 PM

    Oh no, now I feel seriously irresponsible. I'll try to be a better in-law next year. The bunny and ears are far more impressive than a few chocolate eggs anyway, great solution and it looks like the ears went down well at the picnic.