Tuesday, April 6, 2010

more finger painting dilemas...

We made our own finger paint today. Basically mixed three parts boiling water to one part cornflour. That really wasn't enough water so I ended up adding more. I then coloured the mix with food dye.

The colours looked super vibrant in the bowls but when Minty used them to paint with the colour was really washed out. I have a suspicion it is because I am using natural liquid food dye and maybe I need to try a different kind of food dye. Has anyone else had success with this and if so what type of dye did you use?

I'm thinking of investing in some paint if the home made route isn't going to be successful. I'm not really sure what kind to buy though. Any suggestions on a good brand? Has anyone tried the powdered paint that you mix up yourself?

Sorry for all the questions this post but I really hate buying art supplies that are sub standard. There is nothing worse than a crayon that doesn't lay down the colour thickly or markers that aren't vibrant.

And now for some random garden shots from this morning...

Is it just me or does Minty's facial expression here really remind you of Shirley Temple?


  1. Maybe try cornflour and conditioner instead of water and perhaps look into fabric dye as an alternative for colouring. Loving the blog by the way, great to know other mothers experiencing the same trials and tribulations!!

  2. I think I will consult Di who is the finger painting specialist.

  3. Also, it is v. Shirley Temple - how unexpected!