Saturday, April 10, 2010

In which my heart melts...

[crazy eyes]

A conversation with Minty today....

Minty (pointing at a picture in a magazine): look Turi, fluffy puppy dogs!
Me: try not to distract Turi, he's trying to feed
Minty (authoritatively, pointing at Turi): feed now!
a little later when Turi finishes eating Minty starts stroking Turi's head softly...
Minty (to Turi): love you

Minty's current favourite phrases:

"Who's that little person?"
"Thank you my dear"
"Lovely" (in reference to something she's eating)


  1. Consider mine melted too!

  2. And mine!!!

    Also... lovely desaturation on the last two. :)

  3. Total melting with tears in eyes!