Thursday, December 23, 2010

arrrgh me hearties!

In thinking about Christmas and all the gifting that goes with it, I decided I really wanted to come up with a gift that the kids could give to all the people that are important to them. I really wanted it to be something they could make themselves, since giving handmade is something that's important to me. But seriously my kids are aged one and two ("would you like to shake hands with thing one and thing two?"), so it was a bit of a struggle to come up with something they could make themselves that anyone would actually want to receive or find useful. So basically I was trying to come up with the holy grail of a gift idea - kid friendly, cool, useful, creative and handmade…

And so the idea of the 'holiday mix tape' was born. Back in the 80s and 90s when tapes were all the rage, the mix tape held an iconic cultural status, often gifted as a romantic gesture. With the instantaneous possibilities that electronic playlists allow the mix tape doesn't seem to hold the same appeal it once did. So we're bringing it back (well not literally since who the heck still has a tape player?). I gave the kids complete creative discretion to create a list of their absolute favourite holiday tunes and then burned them to a CD. This does mean that there are about four different versions of Jingle Bells in the mix since this is one of the few Christmas carols Minty knows the words to.

Now by suggesting this idea I in no way mean to promote music piracy. It is perfectly possible to legally purchase the songs you wish to include - in fact itunes makes this remarkably easy. But if y'all want to don an eye patch, sport a wooden leg and create a CD mix of sea shanties that really isn't for me to police now is it?

So for your holiday enjoyment here is the playlist…

DJ Turi and Mint's Holiday Mix Tape - I'm Just Crazy 'bout Horses

Jingle Bells - Ella Fitzgerald

Baby, It's Cold Outside - Dinah Shore & Buddy Clark

I want a hippopotamus for Christmas - Gayla Peevey

Jingle Bells - Peggy Lee

It's a Marshmallow World - Brenda Lee

Rock 'N' Roll Santa - Little Joey Farr

Christmas Alphabet - Dickie Valentine

Santa Claus is Back in Town - Elvis Presley

Sleigh Ride - The Spectres

White Christmas - Elvis Presley

Jingle Bell Rock - Boby Helms

Rockin Robin - Bobby Day

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  1. Listening to it as I read! Awesome mix little ones - Lillian likes to listen to it while she chills in her swing :)