Monday, December 6, 2010

In which Minty is overcome and falls off the couch...

Amazing birthday sponge made by my mum

We're currently busy little elves putting together Christmas gifts. Sadly I won't be able to share most of our projects with you until later in the month seeing as most of the people receiving the gifts read the blog (hi peeps!), so in the mean time I'll share with you a little gift we made for my sister's birthday this week...

Minty and I put together some home made bath salts. This is a great project to do with kids seeing as they can do most of it themselves (though I really wouldn't recommend letting very small children drop in the oils or food colouring unless you want a disaster of epic proportions on your hands!).

Bath salts

1 cup epsom salts (you can buy these at some supermarkets, chemists or your local health food store)

1 cup sea salt

3 tablespoons baking soda

food colouring (we used about 5 drops)

essential oils

Mix everything together thoroughly and package.

We chose our essential oil blends especially to cater for a new mum (my sister just had a baby) but you can create one that is perfectly suited to your recipient. Just do a bit of aromatherapy googling if you need some ideas.

Goodbye baby blues bath salts - to relieve depression and enhance self-love

9 drops neroli

5 drops jasmine

3 drops rose

On the go bath salts - to energise and clear the mind

8 drops orange

6 drops neroli

4 drops peppermint

For those of you following along with the advent calendar…

On Saturday we 'sang' carols, which basically ended up as dancing wildly around the living room to christmas music, given that I was the only person who actually knew the words to any of the songs.

On Sunday we stayed up late to watch a Christmas movie on the big screen (we watched Elf), a raging success until Minty got a little too engrossed in the film and pitched forward off the couch, face planting on the floor.

And today the kids started making Christmas gifts (shh top secret!)

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