Tuesday, December 28, 2010

xmas burn out

I'm currently suffering from a serious case of post-Christmas fatigue. We packed in an insane amount of Christmas parties, celebrated a wedding and ate a criminal amount of food, including something called a 'polar bear's jacket' (ten points to anyone who can guess what this is). I'll give you a full wrap up tomorrow when I've had a chance to wade through all the photos I've taken (but in all honesty I'm not too sure that there will be many, if any, decent shots, as I've learned from experience that juggling photography with child wrangling, alcohol, and all around revelry doesn't generally produce terrific results). I will be spending this evening in my PJs attempting to recover by lying prostrate on the couch watching episodes of Mad Men.

But for now here are some photos I took a few days before Christmas. We went to a carols night at the foreshore in Cowes. There was face painting, rides, an animal farm, fairy floss, balloon animals and fireworks. Such a great night with friends. The kids had a ball and Minty has since decided she would like fireworks for her birthday (yes Veruca, anything you say).


  1. What a fun carols night! Enjoy the prostration & make the most of it because there's still New Years etc. At least Post-Christmas fatigue is a contented sort of thing I feel. The bit I don't like is the suddenly smaller waist bands on all skirts and trousers - how can it happen so quickly???

  2. Hi! Have been reading through some of your blog and love the sewing, cooking and baking. Gotta try out some of your recipes. I live on the other side of westernport bay! So you are kinda my neighbour? Hope you have a great new years!
    xo MODELmumma