Thursday, December 2, 2010

Dear Santa, I can walk!

Turi took his first unassisted steps today! He took four little steps across the living room and I've honestly never seen anyone look so happy, or pleased with themselves in my whole life. Bless!

Today's advent activity was writing a letter to Santa and posting it. In her innocence Minty merely drew santa a picture that she thought he might like and picked him a daisy to post with it. When I asked her if she wanted to tell Santa about a toy she might like for Christmas she gave me a look that seemed to say that was the most ridiculous idea she had ever heard.

After popping it into the post box the three of us shared a paddle pop while we watched black storm clouds roll in over the horizon. I told Minty she had better get her fast legs on so we could run home before the rain set in. I set a cracking pace pushing Turi along in the stroller while Minty trotted along behind and I shouted encouragements like, 'quick the storm is nearly here!'. As the light began to fade and the thunder rumbled Minty started to weep and I realised she was completely terrified. Thankfully we made it home just as the first drops of rain began to fall but I feel fairly certain that despite trying to create a fun and positive Christmas memory for her, the one thing she took away from the day was a disproportionate fear of being caught in a thunder storm! She spent the remainder of the day sadly confiding in me that she was 'so scared mummy'.

And here are the requisite advent calendar tantrum shots from today. We are still unable to accept the concept of one window per day...


  1. oh wow, the photos of the advent day two reaction just made me cry laugh - thanks for that : )

  2. Poor Minty! What a trooper though, to trot all the way home on her fast legs. Tell her that Oscar was afraid of the thunder and the sudden darkness too. He had to seek shelter on the velvet couch - usually forbidden but under the circumstances a concession was made.

  3. Maybe I'm a sucker for stories about the kids - but I could just imagine Minty's response to you trying to get her to quicken her pace, and the debacle of 1 window per day... Classic!!