Saturday, December 4, 2010

I'm dreaming of a candy coloured christmas...

For yesterday's advent activity we decorated the Christmas tree. This was a true exercise in the art of letting go. I am usually a completely anal retentive tree decorator, with nothing mismatching touching the tree and every decoration evenly spaced, with the best decorations in prime positions...

Minty on the other hand is a creative free spirit. She decided to concentrate 90% of the decorations in a small area at the bottom right hand side of the tree. She then decided the tree would benefit from a draping of tinsel around the lower branches and subsequently proceeded to wrap some of the branches in coloured tissue paper. At regular intervals she would stand back to admire her handiwork and then adjust things if she thought they didn't look quite right.

For the most part I have left things where she put them, though I have to admit I did remove the tissue paper (I am yet to reach a zen decorating state where these things don't bother me).

I made the felt decorations you can see in these pictures last year in an effort to make the tree child safe but this year negated the effort by using a whole heap of glass decorations as well. Frankly I'm a bit sick of our red and white decorating scheme and I'd like to do a complete tree overhaul next year. I'm dreaming of a candy coloured christmas... (similar to this). How about you?

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  1. I love Minty's intense concentration of ornaments - I'm worse about the tree and am truly happy that now I am the only one who hangs anything. That's not really the spirit of Christmas is it???