Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Conversations with Minty... and Turi

You've got to love Shrove Tuesday as the tardy man's New Year.  Didn't quite get your act together in January?  Still swearing like a sailor, smoking like a chimney, or downing cheeseburgers like the Hoff in an inebriated frenzy? No worries!  Give it all up for Lent.  Personally I will be attempting to be a little more restrained with my diet.  Note how I didn't tie myself down with any specific dietary goals.  Of course we all had the requisite pancakes for breakfast this morning, so as to 'use up' the eggs and butter, even though none of us have even the slightest intention of giving these up for 40 days.

The day was extra special because Minty finally learnt to swing all by herself!  She's understood the basics for a while but up until now she would always lose her rhythm and momentum fairly quickly.  Now she can swing as high as she wants, for as long as she wants without me having to push at all.  I'm finally free… until Turi wants a swing!

And now for some conversations with Minty and, as a very special treat for you today, Turi's debut conversation on the blog.  Of course I've been having conversations with him for quite some time, but somehow with Minty dominating the verbal landscape around here I haven't gotten around to recording any.

Minty [concerned]: mum, I have a mysterious problem
Me: what's your mysterious problem?
Minty [seriously]: well my underpants keep wanting to go to the toilet every day
Me [chuckling]: why is that a problem?
Minty [frowning]: well I just think that it is.


upon hearing a loud bang emanating from Minty's room after bedtime

Me: are you OK?
Minty [sadly]: the wall just doesn't want me to climb on it
Me [sternly]: that's because it's bedtime and it's sleeping time for everyone
Minty [wide eyed]: is the wall asleep?

Me: would you like to eat your dinner at the table or outside in the cubby?
Turi: in the cupboard please
Me [carrying the dinner outside]: there you go
Turi [cheerily]: Lovely, thank you!

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