Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Winners and a partial house update...

And the giveaway winners are…

Manu wins the measuring jug!
Lien wins the book!

I'll be in touch with you both shortly to organise the logistics.

And now for a house update…  OK so this is a limited house update since my camera battery went flat mid-way through my last visit to site.  

The claw foot bath is now sitting in the bathroom.  It's obviously not plumbed in at this stage but it gives you a bit of an idea of what it will eventually look like.  Originally I had planned to paint the outside of the bath black and put very dark tiles on the floor.  Now that the bath is in-situ I think I actually like it pale blue and I might even just leave it shabby.  I kind of think the rustic look suits the big timber window.  I'm in the process of hunting for floor tiles and I'm honestly completely confused about what I want.  Does anyone have any thoughts?

Meanwhile, this is our enormous evaporative cooler that is currently squatting in the lounge room, before it finds its permanent home on the roof.

The main toilet has some plasterboard up and will hopefully be installed soon.  Our workforce is getting a bit inpatient to have proper facilities!!  The picture on the right is the view from the toilet.

The big changes are on the outside of the house, as much of the cladding has gone up - but of course I don't have any pictures of that.  Stay tuned!


  1. Whee! :-D Thankyou, that's awesome. I'll mention it in my blog when I use it for baking... :-)

    Love the bath- I agree, leaving it rustic (though hopefully not rusty) is pretty.
    And the toilet at a rakish angle is very daring. Will it stay that way...?

  2. The house looks cool: I love the look of the shabby chic bath in the unfinished bathroom! Can you have floor boards in the bathroom? Or is that wrong?

  3. Kate - I'd love to put floorboard in the bathroom but it doesn't really meet waterproofing requirements. It's weird because I keep seeing all these magazine pictures with floorboards. You can get these tiles that look like floorboards but it seems kind of creepy and dishonest to me.

    Manu - there is some discussion about leaving the toilet on an angle. The room is pretty long and narrow and it kind of looks better on an angle but not sure if it is too weird.

  4. Looks great. I love the big timber window. My tip for tiles, bigger is better. Less grout is easier to clean, I think they're easier to lay too which should mean a little less labour.
    The bath is divine. Just imagine, one day soon you'll be able to lie back in it & enjoy it.
    Hope all is well.

  5. I'd still fix the bath - the pale blue is lovely and it will stop rust dripping onto your new lovely floor tiles!

  6. I like the planning you make for your house. Although it is still partially done but the first thing comes first. Great!!!